Zen Bodi establishes Jeunesse Global as heavyweight of weight loss

Jeunesse Global is one of the fastest-growing and most respect-commanding new entrants to the health and beauty space, worldwide, that have been seen in years. The company was founded in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Formerly, the couple had founded and grown dozens of the most successful businesses in the North American direct-selling market, becoming millionaires at a relatively young age. As Ray and Lewis approached their 70s, the couple decided that they were ready to take a step back from the business world and enjoy some of the many fruits of their decades-long labors.


However, neither Ray nor Lewis reckoned with how boring and purposeless the retired life would end up seeming. To them, the action and sense of purpose itself was sufficient reason to stay in the entrepreneurial game. Ray and Lewis quickly realized that they were happiest when they were pursuing goals for which they had driving passion. They decided to found another business, this time selling a few health and beauty products out of their garage. This would mark the beginning of Jeunesse Global, a company that would become one of the most spectacular success stories of the 2010s.


All along, it has been Ray and Lewis’ ability to develop sought-after products that meet real market demand. Products like the company’s weight-loss supplement, Zen Bodi, continue to prove that Jeunesse Global has what it takes to compete in some of the toughest sectors in the world of health and beauty. Zen Bodi is part of the company’s Zen 8 Project, a weight-loss system that not only helps people to get to a healthier weight, but also allows them to make incremental changes that will ultimately lead to a total-health lifestyle.


Zen Bodi is a supplement that has been specifically designed to help users achieve the three pillars of weight loss laid out by the Zen 8 Project system. These are the building of muscle, the burning of fat and the curbing of appetite. Taken together, these things form the basis of the Zen 8 Project and help users to achieve lasting results that are predicated on permanent changes towards healthy behavior.


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