Which Would You Choose: Securus or Global Tel-Link? BBB Says To Choose Securus

Let’s play a thought experiment. I am going to explain a particular business arrangement and you get to decide what you would like to do about it.


You are the head of a telecommunications company. A state government recently awarded you an exclusive contract. This contract makes you the only provider of telephone services to a particular jail in the state. Every single prisoner inside of that prison facility must use your services to communicate with the outside world. From here, you have two distinct choices. You can cut costs by hiring a bare-bones staff and providing a poor phone call quality, or you can invest money into your telephone services, staff and customer service. Which would you choose?


If you picked the first option, you are likely thinking about your own bottom line. You stand to make the most money by cutting costs and providing an inferior service. This is the option that a $500 million per year company called Global Tel-Link perpetually chooses. Customer reviews of this company are terrible and they have recently made the pages of the New York Times for unethical practices. This option is what a cutthroat business would do. Unfortunately, this first option is made at the expense of prisoners and their families.


If you chose the second option, then you took the high road like Securus Technologies. The company has perpetually demonstrated a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. This approach was recently recognized by the Better Business Bureau of Texas. The BBB recently gave the telecommunications company accreditation for choosing ethical business practices and transparency.


I am hoping that more state governments and prisons choose Securus moving forward. Our incredibly vulnerable prison population does not need predatory companies taking advantage of them. Everybody deserves respect and respect is exactly what Securus gives to our prison population.


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