Waiakea Water Main Pillars and the Sustainability Efforts

Waiakea Water is a firm that was founded on three main pillars which are sustainability, health, and ethics. Beyond providing clients with healthy bottled water, the company is committed to maintain and prioritize the surrounding and giving back to the disadvantaged communities.

Hawaiian Volcanic water originates from the peaks of Mauna Loa Volcano flowing through the porous and mineral-rich rock. This rock enriches the water, making it full of electrolytes and naturally alkaline. The Waiakea water pH proves that it is among the most alkaline bottled natural waters that are currently available.

The company uses low-emission tracks to transport the water, and its bottles are 100 percent RPET that results in carbon footprints that are 90 percent smaller than that of the traditional plastic bottles. The company recently announced that it would be using fully degradable water bottles in the future. Waiakea Water is the only firm to be certified by the CarbonNeutral.

The company knows all the volcanic water benefits, and that’s why it donates clean water to disadvantaged communities in Africa and throughout the entire world.Water covers approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface, but only 2.5% of it is fresh water for human consumption. Most individuals do not get access to clean water, which puts them at risk of illnesses such as hepatitis A, typhoid, polio, cholera, diarrhea, and dysentery.

The Hawaiian volcanic water was established to create a positive change for the people as well as the environment. Its approach to sustainability activities and practices has made it become the first CarbonNeutral-certified water firm in the U.S. For each liter of Waiakea Water that is purchased the firm donates clean water through the Pump Aid to the needy communities in Africa and other counties across the world for one week.

Apart from donating the water through the Pump Aid, it also provides a portion of its generated profits to Kama Ľaha Education Initiative, which is an organization committed to helping Hawaiians succeed in life by creating, implementing and supporting technology, science, arts, math and engineering programs that are mainly grounded in the native Hawaiian knowledge. The company also shows its sustainability efforts by using RPET bottles, at the sustainability sourced


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