Todd Lubar’s Incredible Eye for New Real Estate Trends

Todd Lubar explains how Baltimore is the trending area for real estate opportunities. Most times Baltimore is associated with negative remarks, but at the moment it holds fantastic real estate trends. The city’s old buildings are being transformed into new incredible and classy apartment buildings. An example of such a stunning structure is the one located where the historic Bank of America used to be positioned. The building has unique and the most luxurious apartments in Baltimore. The other advantage of Baltimore is that its standards of living regarding costs are significantly cheaper than other places such as Washington D.C.


The affordable prices and the upcoming developments attract the youth who are just starting their lives. Young experts and former students who have just graduated are becoming the majority buyers of such apartments. The other pleasant news is that the unemployment rate is expected to decrease as the wages increase and this will allow more people to afford the apartments in Baltimore. As more young individuals are moving in Baltimore, the city becomes a new location for investments to take place. Companies are guaranteed to thrive in the busy town of Baltimore once people increase in numbers. Once businesses start to grow the city will also continue to develop.


A place called Harbor East is a destination with the best dining options and fantastic shopping areas. The apartments on the site are also perfect and lavish. The region has the most expensive apartments in the city. More condominiums are expected with the continuous developments. Young people love the area because of the new construction including shops and restaurants. Todd Lubar is well conversant with the different trends in Baltimore. He has been studying the city for many years, and people usually come to seek guidance when it comes to Baltimore.


Todd Lubar has been involved with other sectors such as the financial industry. Todd did his BA at Syracuse University and joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation once he was done with school. Todd has also worked at Legacy Financial group. In both companies, Todd held several positions. Currently, he holds the President post at TDL Global Ventures. Todd also owns the Senior Vice President position at Legendary Investments. You can visit his Facebook page.


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