The Visionary Leaders Of The Ubuntu Fund, Including Andrew Rolfe, Focuses On Needy Children

The founders of the Ubuntu Fund incorporated the institution for purposes of assisting disadvantaged children in the society. Since 1999, the Fund has used its resources to help more than 400,000 needy children. Owing to the large number of less fortunate families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the founders of the organization deemed it fit to establish a school in the locality. Initially, the school campus provided the children with education. However, the enrollment and children performance in class did not impress the leaders of the Fund. To this end, they decided to undertake a research to unearth the reasons thereof. The studies showed that HIV/AIDs epidemic and hunger were making many children not to realize their potentials in school. The management of the Fund moved with speed and started offering nutrition and catering for their healthcare needs.

The institution has a sound program that seeks to support needy students once they join the campus until they finish their studies and start their careers. In the spirit of helping more needy students, the management organized a gala dinner in London. 300 guests attended the invitation-only event. The management of the Fund had set a target of £600,000. The gala dinner lasted the entire night. The leadership of the organization posited that they were able to raise more than £603,000.

This fund shall be used to expand the school’s infrastructure, including the development of a modern pediatric clinic. This facility will ensure that the children lead a healthy life. The rest of the money shall be expended on providing more needy children with education and basic needs.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is one of the revered leaders of the Fund. As the chairman of the institution, Rolfe has been heavily involved in raising resources for the organization. His sound educational background and vast connections have helped him to mobilize people to make their generous contributions to the institution.

The visionary leader has rendered his services for different companies. At Gap, Rolfe worked as the president in charge of its international division. He was responsible for overseeing the company’s operations in different countries. In addition, Andrew has rendered his services for PepsiCo and Booker Foodservice.


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