The New Chief Executive Officer Has Been Appointed For Sussex Health Care

Amanda Morgan-Taylor has recently been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer for Sussex Health Care. She became a formal member of the team in January and her work with the team has already started. She began by becoming familiar with the various services and homes of Sussex Health Care. She made an effort to understand the numerous aspects of the work performed by the business. The Quality, Compliance and Service department was appointed a new Director due to her work with senior management.

Amanda Taylor is highly respected for her leadership in both social and health care. Her experience in the independent and public sectors encompasses thirty years. In 1984 she qualified as a nurse in mental health. The focus of her career has been in the roles of senior leadership. This includes working as a Managing Director, Quality Development Director and a Service Manager.

During the course of her career Amanda has worked with independent care providers within local authorities. This has given her a strong understanding of the relationship between the providers and the council. She has a lot of experience assisting organizations in finding solutions for operational challenges, rebuilding the stakeholders trust and confidence and delivering continually high standards regarding support and care.


Amanda is excited about working with the management teams, dedicated staff and senior management for the services and homes in the future. This appointment was important for the organization. It is a representation of the commitment Sussex Health Care has made regarding providing the highest quality of care. Amanda will be making visits to all the homes to meet the relatives, residents and colleagues over the course of the future weeks.

Sussex Health Care provides necessary services for individuals with neurological conditions, brain injuries, autism and physical and learning disabilities. To continue providing exceptional services they have opened a new facility with a fully equipped gym in Sussex. Sussex Health Care is consistently developing new services to help provide for the people of the community.

The services being offered include accommodations on the ground floor with en-suite facilities and both a dining and kitchen area. The residents additionally enjoy a game and IT room along with a big sitting room. The staff team is highly experienced and available 24 hours each day. The holistic therapies available include hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Opportunities are provided for further education and work experience. The name Sussex Health Care has become synonymous with quality.


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