The DeVos Family’s Philanthropic Spirit

Some would rather keep it all to themselves while others engage in philanthropic deeds either for the good of the less fortunate, or for the good of the general public. Giving especially to someone, you do not know or to a cause you do not know whom it will benefit is a noble thing, and for this reason, philanthropists need to be recognized.
Some family dynasties have made it a family culture to donate to worthy causes. When talking about wealthy dynasties involved in philanthropic activities, the DeVos family has to come up. The DeVos family is extensive in their giving, sometimes donating to a single cause and other times to diversified causes.

A majority of the population often wonder where such families get all the wealth to give. Well, in the case of the DeVos family, their financial success dates back to 1959, when Richard DeVos Sr. cofounded Amway. The business picked up well and has propelled the man and his family to a current net worth of $5 billion, putting him on the list of America’s richest persons. With such wealth, it is no wonder Mr. DeVos can contribute to any cause he deems fit.

The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, is the brainchild of Richard and his wife, Hellen. The foundation is based in Michigan, their home state. Through this Foundation, Richard and Hellen managed to cultivate the culture of philanthropy in their descendants. This initiative has resulted in creating a positive impact in the lives of many. The family is recognized for their efforts in pioneering education reforms. The DeVoses use their three foundations to push money towards steering education reforms. Their children, including Richard DeVos Jnr, popularly known as Dick are living up to their parents’ legacy.

Dick, a father of four, is married to Betsy DeVos, in a marriage that has lasted for over thirty years. DeVos attended Northwood University, where he graduated with a degree in business administration. He embarked on his working career, taking up a job at his family’s Amway Corporation in 1974. Within a span of ten years, he had risen to the position of Vice President. He steered the company into expanding its market base, entering 18 countries in the process. In 1993, he became the company’s president.

Mr. DeVos co-chairs Grand Action, which is involved in the revitalizing of downtown Grand Rapids. His family is active in politics, and in 2006, Dick DeVos ran for Governor in Michigan. Currently, Mr. Devos is involved in his private ventures.

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