The Commitment of OSI Industries into Becoming a World Leading Food Supplier

OSI Industries is a premier company in the food industry. The company has since its inception been experiencing tremendous growth from a retail shop to now a global company with several facilities in major cities of the world. Its workforce has also expanded to about 20,000. The OSI Industries is one of the top-most private organization in the United States which majors in meat related products, poultry, and fruits. Even with the access to the global market, the company provides its products to consumers at pocket-friendly prices and also meeting the required customer preference. Key factors that have contributed to the growth and development of the company is acquisitions and business partnerships. As the company expands, it diversifies its product line by adding new products to it.

The first partnership that opened the company to more opportunities is with the McDonald company. The agreement saw the company become one of the leading suppliers of fresh ground beef to all McDonald’s franchises. OSI Industries has entered into several business agreements in China, Europe and also in the United States. Also, the company has been expanding most of its facilities to increase its productivity. Recently the capacity of the poultry processing plant in Toledo, Spain was developed with the aim of meeting the growing demand for chicken products in the region. With a capital investment of € 17 million, the output of the facility grew to 24,000 tons. The development of the plant also enlarged its potential to process non-chicken products like pork and beef. As a result of the expansion, there were more employment opportunities in the facility.

OSI Industries dedicates itself to ensuring all its products and services comply with the regulations of food safety. For instance, the Toledo facility which is also SA8000:2014 certified, comply with the Environmental Standards ISO 14001, Food Safety Standards and the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme. OSI Industries is indeed committed to its operations even as it works towards ensuring that it becomes the leading supplier of food-related products to all major food brand outlets in the world. The company commits to providing high-quality food for clients.

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