The Chainsmokers Put Hard Work Into Making Each Song A Reality

The Chainsmokers have been producing some of the highest earning singles over the past two years in the EDM and pop genres. They first rose to the spotlight when they did a collaboration song with another artist, releasing “Roses” in 2015. This song rose to the top of the music charts in no time and ever since the music producing duo has been dominating the music industry with their fun vibes and party music. Some of their most popular songs include “Paris”, “Closer”, and “Selfie“. Despite having a stronger focus towards a younger audience with their party tones, the Chainsmokers have a wide following all over the world with people of all ages enjoying their music.


Just this year in 2018, the Chainsmokers started releasing a new style of music that audiences haven’t heard before. This started with the release of a new single known as “Sick Boy”. Unlike their usual music which was mostly party-centric, “Sick Boy” is much more serious in tone and has a darker sound to it overall. This new music is intended to tell a deeper story as well so that the Chainsmokers can connect better with their fans, talking about real issues that are facing the world today. While there are many expectations for the group and their music, they are happy to be doing what inspires them as artists and evolving along with their musical style.


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the genius behind the Chainsmokers haven’t also been a duo. In fact, they only just met a couple years prior to releasing the first smash hit that rose them to fame. With a simple introduction from Alex’s manager, Andrew and Alex began working together like friends, creating new music every single day. They finally got their break in 2015 with “Roses”, and when the public saw what these artists could do, they couldn’t get enough of it. Since 2015, the Chainsmokers have steadily put out new music on a regular basis and they have no plans to slow down anytime soon, despite mixing up their style.

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