Shervin Pishevar Uses Twitter to Make Ominous Predictions for US Economy

It seems that the axles of Shervin Pishevar’s mind continued to turn even though he had taken a break from the public eye. In early February 2018, he took to social media to express deep concerns he has about the future of the United States. He made an epic comeback by sending out 50 tweets with dark predictions for governmental and financial institutions. His tweet storm lasted 21 hours. His Twitter posts have sparked a discussion about the future of the monetary system in the US.

One of the predictions that Shervin Pishevar made is that the stock market will go down by 6,000 points in the months ahead. Just like clockwork, it seems like his predictions started to come true. Within less than an hour, the Dow went down by 300 points. It seems that the market is being shaken to the core as interest rates go up. There is nothing that investors or brokers can do about it.

There are several different topics that Shervin Pishevar brought up in his Twitter storm. He discusses inflation and says that it is dead. He says the US has managed to export inflation for decades and that it never manifests itself in the way that people expect. He said that inflation is spreading and that the time of cheap money is dead. Underemployment is causing systemic economic stasis. Even bond markets are not as deep as people think. Whenever a bond moves quickly in any direction, it sends a ripple effect throughout the financial market. Another point he mentioned was that increasing credit account deficits and interest rates are part of the economic downfall.

When read one by one, it is easy to get confused when reading Shervin Pishevar’s tweets. However, when they are read in comparison with other ideas expressed in the past, it seems that his ideas come to life a bit more. Most would agree that at the heart of the tweet rant is the fact that the United States is not the only country that has the entrepreneurial spirit. While this is good for other countries, it will prove to be bad for the US.

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