Sharing: India On The Move, A QNET Vision To Sustainable Water, Air, Life!

I find QNET ongoing initiatives to strengthen communities in India benevolent. Lately, the direct-selling conglomerate has injected itself into a series of nationwide community development projects. Telangana state capital, Hyderabad recently benefited from QNET latest “We Care” endeavor. In fact, it joined Hyderabad Lions Club outreach in supplying safe, clean drinking water for some eight hundred students. Government schools in India face tough challenges that warrant redress. QNET strives to enhance community standards through “We Care,” an initiative focused on improving underdeveloped districts. QNET intervention chiefly focuses on hygiene, water, and sanitation facility maintenance. The goals of QNET “WE CARE” project align with that of the government-funded Swachh Bharat Vidyalaya campaign. With a drive to spread awareness, QNET, Lions Club and the local government will embark on similar projects. 

InService and RHYTHM promote philosophies that inspire QNET leaders to organize programs with profound motives as that of “WE CARE.” It’ll continue relationships with associations focused on humanitarian philosophies, such as Lions Club and networking NGOs. With this, QNET inspires a growing network of ambassadors and employees to contribute voluntarily. This act of selfless giving resonates with the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. While I have a limited knowledge of Gandhi’s ideologies, I’m learning through QNET culture practices. Another project launched by QNET involved intense health screening and remedial consultation for Bangalore-based Home of Hope residents. I read that some two hundred adults participated, and received QNET signature health supplement, Nutri plusTM Protein Power. A UNGC (United Nations Global Compact) member, QNET mother company, QI Group organizes international health drives catering to needy nations. QNET prides itself a committed HADSA (Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association) conformist as well. 

A IBC World News article I came across in January revealed that QNET and Lions Club International has partnered to strengthen their global humanitarian initiatives. The latest beneficiary of this alliance, a Bangalore-based medical center, Shirdi Sai Hospital received a state-of-the-art Kidney Dialysis Unit. The chairperson of Lions Club International, Joseph Preston, and QNET Richard E. Zinkiewicz were present at the giving ceremony. QNET operates a global network through its e-commerce platform. With distributors serving 100+ countries, its brand resonates with today’s health and wellness fanatics. Dr. Vijay Eswaran teamed with the veteran life coach, philanthropist and free-market entrepreneur, Joseph Bismark to launch QNET in 1998. 

With a headquarter in Hong Kong, QNET is a participating DSA (Direct Selling Association) conformist of Asian countries, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. QNET Wikipedia announced its membership with the Singaporean Health Supplements Industry Association and the Hong Kong Health Food Association. Additionally, the conglomerate sponsors sports clubs globally, including top ranked badminton, football teams and more. It’s supported teams such as MCFC (Manchester City Football Club. QNET markets nutritional supplements, fashion accessories, energy products, personal/home care items, weight management merchandise, luxury goods, etc.

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