Securus Technologies’ Response to GTL’s Misleading Press Release

Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies leads in the provision of technical solutions to civil and criminal justice in correction facilities. On September 14th, 2015, Global Tel Link (GTL) issued a misleading and inaccurate press release about Securus Technologies. In turn, Securus Technologies has issued a press release correcting GTL’s misleading statement. Located in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies attends to over 3,000 law enforcement agencies and over one million inmates throughout North America. Leveraging its vast experience in the industry, Securus Technologies provides biometric analysis, emergency response, and inmates’ self-service products and services across the US.


According to Securus Technologies’ CEO, Richard Smith, GTL has mischaracterized the recent Patent trial. He added that GTL attempted to suggest that Securus Technologies has an inferior technology and a less patent portfolio versus them, claims that are untrue. Richard said that GTL would not accept Securus’ technology challenge because their technology would probably prevail. Stay up to date with Securus on


Securus Technologies files the patent for the same reason as GTL. As such, Securus Technologies have spent over $800 million in developing proprietary technology. Over the years, Securus Technologies’ holds an excellent reputation in developing software and products used in correction facilities and law enforcement agencies. Securus Technologies protects its patent portfolio with the US Patents, which is approved by the US Patent Office. Therefore, it is incredulous for GTL to claim that Securus Technologies should not protect its work.


Smith pointed out that GTL has a history of issuing factually accurate patent-related statements. As such, it is not surprising that GTL’s press release about Securus Technologies is inaccurate and misleading. In fact, GTL is known for giving misleading and incorrect information. Over the past ten years, GTL signed an agreement with Securus to use their patent, and suddenly they are now disregarding it.


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