Securus Technologies Advances In Security Technology

Securus Technologies is an excellent platform for secure inmate surveillance and monitoring. Their customers have even played a role in their security measures by providing valuable ties and feedback. Rink Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies played a major role in creating their crime prevention program. Securus continues to be a part of airing government regulated surveillance, monitoring, and customer communications with over 246,000+ IT professionals with expertise and highly trained credentials to aid in helping them general public. They also offer a huge network for their customers to leave feedback or hear what others have to say about their network.


Crime Prevention Strategies


– Halt illegal inmate trading

– Eliminate contraband

– Stop illegal money trade

– Stop cellphone trading

– Protect the general public

– Illegal inmate telephone schemes


Securus stands by their customers ensuring a secure network, but also offering their customers a safe to use system. Their customers can trust their talking over a network with the proper government regulations to help them ensure they are eliminating telecommunications crimes. You’re invited to learn more about Securus Technologies by visiting their website and getting more details on their safety measures or great calling features.


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