Sawyer Howitt Learning Business in His Father’s Company

Meriwether Group founder, David Howitt, and his wife have two children, Sawyer and Hailey Howitt. Hailey and Sawyer are very lucky to have a father like David who can help in making their lives a success by teaching them to how to run a company. David Howitt has over 20 years of experience in the financial field, providing business strategies and financial support to startups and entrepreneurs who want to grow. Luckily, at a tender age, his son, Sawyer Howitt is interested in his father’s business and is keen on understanding the operations of the company.

Sawyer Howitt’s Experience at Meriwether

Sawyer Howitt works at his father’s company as a Project Manager despite being a student at Lincoln High School in Portland Oregon. He is a hardworking young man and plans to join the Columbia University to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance so as to sharpen his entrepreneurial skills. Sawyer Howitt is an asset to the company as he brings a competitive attitude to the organization. Starting to work for Meriwether Group at this early age will prepare him to take over the company when his father retires.

About the Meriwether Company

Meriwether is a group that provides funds and strategies to support starting businesses that want to grow. The company also helps businesses with equity and debts. It has experienced employees that help entrepreneurs to conduct profitable businesses, making a big impact on the society through its products and services. Meriwether Group looks at entrepreneurs as modern day heroes.

The company’s services are customized to fit each business. They also review strategies and available options that can lead to the growth of a company. The highly qualified professionals at Meriwether not only offer advice to clients but also keep the integrity of ideas, culture, and brands of their client’s businesses by strengthening the customer’s brand through identification of the correct type of consumers and the best approach to market products or services.

Sawyer Howitt is the future of Meriwether Group and will make the company thrive just like his father.


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