Sahm Adrangi Wants to Inspire People to Work on Wall Street

Working in investment banking is not one of the things that most people decide on doing after they graduate from university. Neither is working for hedge funds, but many people have a talent for this kind of business. One of them is Sahm Adrangi who is the founder and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has experience in work concerning stocks, trading and credit analysis. His colleagues and competitors noticed his work on Wall Street, and it was not easy to enlist his help before the retirement or extended sabbatical he decided to take and leave New York City for the time being.

He spent time working on different projects concerning bonds before branching out in the credit section of the market. Later he worked on a three billion dollar hedge fund before working on a couple of writing pieces about the industry, using his experience to praise and criticise companies and trends on the market.

After that, the career path took a turn, and he worked on a credit team for a company called Paulson & Co as well as Bowery Investment Management. However, life had other plans, and he decided to quit the experience and the city. It was mainly the hours and the lifestyle in general. Working on Wall Street can seem fun for a lot of people, but it is also very demanding. High stress and high pace environment are not the easiest to live in for a long time.

However, he does not have a wrong word to say about the life. One of the most critical aspects is loving the job you do and be passionate about investing and looking at the numbers every day. It is not a life meant for everybody, but those who enjoy the kind of work most of the time are positive about the outcome. Taking a break is also an important thing as well as knowing when to quit. Adrangi wants to encourage and inspire other people to give trading and investing a chance if they think there is potential. It is a competitive environment, so people have to bring their A game.

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