Ronald Fowlkes: Promoting Eagle Industries Unlimited

Eagle Industries Unlimited is a well-known manufacturer of tactical gears and devices that are mainly used for defense and war. The company has been exporting their products overseas, and many governments are putting their trust in the company because of their high-quality products, and the company aims to supply the whole world with their gears. The company is also known to choose the best person to work for their business, and since they focus on the production of military and tactical gears, they had to require that someone who would be serving them should have experience in serving the military. One of the most recent additions to their roster of managers is Ronald Fowlkes.



Ronald Fowlkes used to serve the military, and after he ended his service, he decided to join Eagle Industries Unlimited. He became a part of the company in 2008, and he presented his skills and knowledge in tactical combat, and it resulted to the board of directors to appoint him as the business development manager of the company. He was given the task to oversee the operations of Eagle Industries Unlimited, and he is effective in promoting the company’s products and services. Ronald Fowlkes is instrumental in the additional revenue that the company is making, because of his dedication and perseverance in taking the company to the top.



Aside from the usual task that has been awarded to Ronald Fowlkes, he is also active in visiting the production facilities that are manufacturing the tactical gears and other products of Eagle Unlimited Industries. He is showing the production facilities how the products are being used, and because of his extensive knowledge in using the devices and the products made for the military, the production plants have more information on how they can design the products which have the perfect quality. Ronald Fowlkes is delighted to share his knowledge about the tactical gears, and most of the employees who have seen how he presented the gears obtain additional knowledge.



When Ronald Fowlkes was still in the United States Military, he was sent to the Middle East. He would be fighting alongside the allied forces in the Gulf War, and because of his contribution to the United States military, he was named as a veteran and was given several awards. When the war in Iraq during the early 2000’s took place, he had to teach tactical defenses to those who are being sent to fight for the war. Ronald Fowlkes, on the other hand, was sent to Iraq to share his knowledge with the military, and when he returned to the United States, he decided to stay with his family and chose to live a comfortable life serving Eagle Unlimited Industries.



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