Rodrigo Terpins: Persistence beyond Rally Racing

Off-road racing is definitely one of the most challenging types of care racing. Often it is marked with rugged terrains coupled with grueling distances that should be covered under pressure to arrive at the podium finish. The yearly Sertoes Rally is Brazil’s most marked off-road competition. It is usually held across 2,600 kilometers. Racers who complete these races are then described as unmatched rally drivers. One individual that has managed to win the hearts of many in this sector is Rodrigo Terpins.


Racing Record


Rodrigo Terpins hails from a family that adores rallying. His brother Michel Terpins is an admired rally driver from Brazil. He has hit the podium finish in the past. Nevertheless, the challenging competition of Sertoes Rally is one of Rodrigo Terpins’ stomping areas for many years. In 2017 during the 22nd edition of the rally, he was position 8. He was in the company of Fabricio Bianchini, his partner and co-driver. They used a T-Rex car. About 38 drivers participated in the race that was spread across seven stages. For more details visit



Overcoming the Challenges


Like any other occupation, rallying has its challenges. As illustrated by Rodrigo Terpins, the Sertoes Rally came with its challenges as the terrain was rugged. Other than that, their car had mechanical issues. Irrespective of these adversities, Terpins made it to the podium finish. The duo bagged the 8th position in the 2014 competition as well.



Beyond Sports


Although he is a sportsman, Rodrigo Terpins commits some of his time to business. He is the managing director of a family-owned business called T5 Holdings. Rodrigo has been in charge of the business since 2008. Initially, he served as the director of Lojas Marisa where he oversaw the operations. He was also in charge of imports, strategic planning, in addition to e-commerce.




Rodrigo Terpins attended the University of Sail Hilaire. He majored in business management thereby applying these skills in his career. Toda, he is a revered rally driver that poses as a role model to upcoming athletes. He encourages young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams just like he started pursuing his interests in life at a tender age.



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