Rodrigo Terpins and His Inveterate Passion To Dwell With The Dangers of Racing

When you’re a racer, you are somehow consorting with death. You are putting your life at risk. You are putting yourself in more danger. But, what a non-racer would not understand is the fact that you do this because an inexorable passion and drive fuels you. This is what’s pushing Rodrigo Terpins right now as he just finished the latest race car rally that he joined with his brother.



The 24th Edition Sertoes Rally Victory



It should be a form of celebration for Rodrigo Terpins to talk with the media and discuss the recent victory that he and his brother Michel Terpins got after the 24th Edition Sertoes Rally event. They finished fifth in the overall standings, and this alone is something that should be worth celebrating, especially if one has placed one’s life in great jeopardy just to pursue a dream. Check out maringa to see more.

The dream of Rodrigo Terpins is to make sure that he’s able to overpower himself, to compete with his self and to reach his full limits. It’s not about the prize. It’s not about the recognition.

It’s about making an impact on others and inspiring them that the dreams you have for yourself can be achieved. Despite the difficulty of the race track and the dirt that Rodrigo Terpins went through, it was still an amazing feat for him to win the race with his brother. Visit Terra to know more.

They knew that the race was not as easy as they could have been when on the second day, they realized that the tracks were getting muddier and the dirt had been thicker, and there’s still a lot of mountainous regions that they had to go through. You can check out

The MEM Team

Even with such a hazardous race track, Rodrigo Terpins is also proud that he is part of the T-Rex car that’s developed by the MEM Team. He’s proud that he’s doing the race with his brother. He’s prouder, too, that he was with the best pilots that he could work with.

The victory was also made special because this pride was shared, and this pride was what fuelled the team to try again next time. Despite the erosions, depression and emotional turbulence that the team has gone through, Rodrigo Terpins is inured enough to failures to try again the race next year.



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  1. I love sports but I do not think it is my calling to put my life near the frying pan like that because of passion. Anyways the fact that top writing service review the hazards of many events there is clear indications of the level of risk to life here. Although people see this differently it could help to take people to the point of reflection about if someone wants to just leave.

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