Rocketship Education’s Parents Using Their Voices!

Parents of a well performing charter school, Rocketship Education, have decided to take a stand and speak up and out on the issues that have been going on between charter schools of Nashville and the public school board for Nashville. Public schools in Nashville have never liked Charter schools in the city. The school board feels like charter schools are a big competition, because they provide a great quality of education to students, especially schools like Rocketship Education. Even though this trend of not caring for charter schools have been going on for a while, the school board took things a step further with the bluntness of their behavior.

The school board made a disturbing announcement that all charter schools of the city are unraveling. This statement was very unprofessional and to add insult to injury, he statement is also very false. Charter schools around Nashville and their students are actually excelling in the class room. Charter schools have even brought high test scores to neighborhoods which once had no hope of receiving a quality education.

Public Charter school chains like Rocketship Education only brings their schools to areas that are urban and impoverished. They have offered education to students in newer buildings with a high quality of technology as well. Rocketship Education has also taught their students about everyday life skills along with ethics and values. These students are very intelligent and the school has a very strong foundation. The teachers of the school also all have personal relationships with the parents of the students who attend the school. With this being said, parents of students who attend charter schools were very upset about this statement that was made.

The parents wrote a emotional strong letter to the school board and addressed it to the board’s director, Dr. Joseph. The letter was very appropriate and respectful. The letter simply asked that the school board stop disrespecting schools like Rocketship Education and other charter schools in the city as well. The letter also informed the school board that they should be united instead of trying to create a unhealthy relationship between the two.

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