Rocketship Education- Security Measures in Crime Rated Areas

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school. It manages 16 schools in 3 states and Washington DC. The Rocketship network targets children from poor neighborhoods schooling in low performing schools. Children who attend Rocketship education come from families that have a low income and poor neighborhood. Such areas are prone to crime use of narcotics, public drunkenness, theft and issues related to violence.

In such situations, Rocket Science works with the authority involved to implement security measures. When Antioch Campus was set-up, the City Council decided to install surveillance cameras at the intersection between East 18th Street and Cavallo Road. A security measure was set-up for the protection of school facilities. This was done by setting up motion detectors connected to alarms in every room with windows to discourage thieves from breaking in.

Another security measure that was kept in place was fencing the whole school and buzzing visitors at the gate. Children being picked by their parents after the classes are released by the employees only after the guardians produce their identification documents. The security measures are set up for the safety of the school children with the aim of reducing the crime rates in that area.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public K-5 (elementary) charter schools serving low- income neighborhoods where access to good quality education is limited. Rocketship Education was established in 2006 with the aim of providing a sustainable school model for students in low-income communities.

The school model was inspired by three pillars—talent development, personalized learning and parent power. The model involves adaptive technology, traditional instructions, talent development and targeted tutoring to suit the different needs of each child with the right content.

Rocketship Education not only focuses on the student’s learning but also engages parents, empower teachers and the community. They work with teachers, parents, communities, districts and charter schools to promote great learning in low-income areas.


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