Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokinides, The Driving Forces Behind InnovaCare Health’s Success

InnovaCare Health is a leading North American provider of healthcare services. They offer comprehensive benefits to seniors, meeting their medical needs and contributing to their mental and emotional well being. Their mission is to redefine healthcare management in order to meet the challenges of the complex healthcare environment.



The company’s President and Chief Executive Officer is Dr. Richard Shinto, who started his career in Southern California and has an impressive resume to back up his status within the company. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, and a medical degree which he earned from the University of New York. In addition, he also has an M.B.A. which he earned from the University of Redlands.



He is credited with being a driving force within InnovaCare Health, and a key player that helped the company the success that it currently enjoys. Dr. Shinto was hired in 2012 as the company’s CEO, and in a short period of time he proved to be an inspiring force for the people who work for him. He has over 2 decades of experience in managed care. He considers an expansion of InnovaCare into other markets likely, and that this will result in the company being able to make implements that will benefit patients. Due to his achievement in providing healthcare services to the poor, Richard Shinto earned the Access to Carring Award during Westenr University’s annual celebration, Tribute to the Caring. Check out hired.com for more.




Another key player behind InnovaCare’s success is Penelope Kokkinides, who is the company’s Chief Administration Officer, a position which she holds since 2015 when he rejoined the company. Prior to her CAO position, she was the Chief Operation Officer at InnovaCare, and the Vice President of Clinical Operations as well. She graduated from Binghamton University, and has a master’s degree in social work, which she earned from the University of New York. In addition, she has post master’s advance degree, and a public health master’s degree, received from the University of Columbia from the School of Public Health. You can visit manta.com




InnovaCare operates in Puerto Rico, having more than 7,000 providers for approximately 200,000 members. Through their dedication to offering healthcare services they managed to create sustainable and profitable models integrated with modern technology. InnovaCare makes visits to the Doctor’s office more affordable for the average person, and this attracted a huge following for the company. Many people chose InnovaCare for care plans over insurance companies.

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