Paul Mampilly Shares How To Make Millions As An Average Investor

Most years an investor can expect around a 10 percent return on their stock portfolio if they invest in an index fund that invests in the entire market. Common investor wisdom states that you need to stay fully invested, not pulling money in and out. This wisdom holds up because if you missed 10 crucial dates in the stock markets your annual return would have dropped to 3 percent, or basically the rate of inflation.

Paul Mampilly has built a career around knowing when to get into the market to take advantage of these crucial dates. When the great recession hit and stocks hit their nadir he knew that they would soon shoot right back up. He decided to enter a competition the Templeton Foundation was holding for professional investors to prove his point. He ended up achieving a gain of 76 percent which was enough to garner him the win.

He worked on Wall Street for over 20 years, including as the manager of a hedge fund at Kinetics Asset Management which is a privately held firm. Paul Mampilly decided to get out, though, as making millions of dollars for wealthy people just wasn’t what he wanted to do anymore. He wanted to help mainstream investors instead and so he left in order to write financial newsletters.

Paul Mampilly’s writing career first took him to Agora Financial where he doled out his advice on investing in single companies in biotech and technology. His newsletter there was FDA Trader and it became the top source for learning about which biotech firms to invest in.

Paul Mampilly is now at Banyan Hill Publishing and has been putting out Profits Unlimited for the past few years. He covers technology, especially that which is within the Internet of Things up and coming sector. He likes using his knowledge about investing to help average investors make millions.

Speaking from his home in North Carolina, Paul Mampilly is predicting that IoT devices and services will be the next big tech revolution, bigger than any that have come before. He is very interested in RFID technology as well and will change how people use their smartphones, he says.

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