NewsWatch TV Awards and Company Review

NewsWatch is a nationwide thirty minute news broadcast show that has been reaching viewers since the early spring of 1990. It originally started out as a monthly aired program that would discuss a wide variety of topics that viewers would be interested in. NewsWatch quickly realized that their viewers sought more in depth coverage of certain topics of interest. It became a news broadcast that aired more as a magazine that would discuss many topics of interest in one broadcast.

In 2010 and 2011 NewsWatch decided to air programs that featured technology, politics, sports, community and shopping interests. This broader spectrum of coverage continued to expand the continually growing community of loyal viewers. In 2012 NewsWatch incorporated the App Watch segment of their broadcast. This segment helped keep viewers aware of new apps that would be released to the public.

With their ever expanding news coverage it is no surprise that NewsWatch has won many prestigious awards since they began airing segments. In 2017 NewsWatch was awarded the videographer award for excellence in regards to thirty minute programming. 2017 was a major award winning year for NewsWatch; they also won both a gold and platinum Marcom award. The Marcom award was created in 1995 and it is given in regards to marketing and communication efforts. This award recognizes organizations for their dedication and hard work. In 2016 NewsWatch was awarded a Silver Telly award and they were also nominated for another Telly award as well. The awards and recognition that NewsWatch has gained has only furthered their drive to continually provide stellar news and reviews to their dedicated viewers.

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