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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know all about helping migrants make money through the Frontera Fund. They also know the value of human rights, collectively. Frontera leads the way. Frontera has raised plenty of money toward the good cause and hopes to raise some more next month and beyond.

Migrants often don’t come from money, and that’s a sad fact we forget most of the time. These people usually flee their past countries to learn something new and make enough money just to eat and drink. Most of their countries’ labor laws are so strict and misunderstood that they are not even thought of in the U.S. Read more: Michael Larcey | Facebook

For instance, many laborers in the Mexico, even those with the most experience and the highest salaries altogether, tend to barely enough to cover one meal a day – and that’s usually only for one person. Imagine the sacrifice that many of these people must make just to survive, much less thrive and advance with their lives: The reality is quite brutal, then, is it not?

A decent wage laborer in Mexico City may earn the equivalent of $7 USD in one full day’s work, which is almost enough to buy a Pepsi and a small plate of food that day. Some top salaried positions in Venezuela, for instance, pay what is equal to $40 USD a month. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

No one in their right mind can possibly budget such a small amount and support a family in this way; think about it. Thus, risking it all to move to the U.S. in considerably the best option: These migrants know that, when they are there, things will most certainly begin to look up.

Getting into the U.S. is the hard part; since many cannot afford so much as a plane ticket, they attempt to cross over illegally and are caught and deported 9 times out of 10. Once they escape their country’s return deportation or are released, they feel there is nothing to lose and try to enter the U.S. again.

Some are successful after several tries, and that is where illegal immigrants come from; their story is one of much sweat, tears, bloodshed, and loss altogether – but still one we can learn much from.

Once they finally enter the U.S., they make every attempt to hold onto every bit of money they have while trying to get a job. Illegal immigrants are very limited on the jobs that they can get, not to mention that these are even scarcer for those who do not speak the local country’s language:

Nonetheless, they put their best feet forward and work hard within a niche, eventually moving up and showing their employers what it means to have a disciplined, dedicated and intelligent worker at their side whenever they need one. In this regard, they also hope to remain in good standing with the company and with the country as a greater whole. They make every effort to keep their nationality in good standing in the country.

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