Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey was born on the 26th of September, in the year 1959. He is actually an American mathmatician that holds a ph.D. from the University of Illinois.

By the time 1996 rolled around Lacey joined the work force of the Georgia Institution of Technology where he has bestowed almost genius upon some of the students there.

However all his hard work does not go un-rewarded he has been awarded several different awards such as; Simons Foundations and none other than the Guggenheim. That’s just to name a couple!

Lacey claims he is strictly a math loving guy, and is willing to mentor doctoral student and also pre-doctoral students as well. You can apply to have him mentor you by using his email that can be found on his website which is sure to be super infused with knowledgeable information!

As mentioned above 1996 was already a busy year of Lacey, but, yet something else happened for him as well. He and his pal Christoph Thiele actually solved the conjecture subject by Alberto Calderon and were rewarded such a prize as the Salem prize.

Even though Lacey is a very busy man he still finds time to author papers most are sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Claims have been made the Lacey is a hard working and reliable mathmetician he is currently being named one of the most brilliant mathmeticians of his time. Impressive, right? Let this be said that if you really take an interest in something; don’t stop until you’ve reached your full potential on the subject.

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