Mathew Fleeger: Leading Gulf Coast Western to be the Leading in Oil and Gas Sector

Mathew Fleeger is one of the people in the world who have business professionals. As the president of Gulf Coast Western, he is an expert in the oil and gas sector, tanning industries and waste management. He is also skilled in different areas such as team building, strategic planning, and contract negotiation. He was the founder of medSolutions, a company specializing in disposal and treatment of medical wastes. He was in the company for 13 years but later sold it to Stericycle Inc. Fleeger got the experience in the oil and gas industry by taking executive positions in oil and gas companies.

Gulf Coast Western’s main focus is on lease acquisition and exploration in the Gulf Coast. The company is also looking for areas where it has the potential to develop several acres in the future. To achieve its goals, the company has partnered with accredited institutions all over the country. Most of those institutions are in joint ventures with Gulf Coast Western. There is about 70 percent of the partners that have participated in the joint ventures with the firm. The company also has principles of ethics and business integrity, and it has managed to get an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Some of the partners that have to enable Gulf Coast Western to reach where it is today are Orbit Gulf Coast exploration. Gulf Coast acquired the assets of Orbit energy gaining access to property rights and the square miles in southwestern Louisiana. Gulf Coast Western has also partnered with Northcote energy ltd. Gulf Coast Western acquired 50 percent of the interest in Northcote, and the partnership has allowed it to expand operations to shoats creek field. The partnership also involves a multi-well drilling program in Cockfield, Wilcox, and Frio formations. Gulf Coast also has 50 percent interest in salt water Disposal Company.

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