Listen Up!-Norka Luque Is Who You Want To Hear

Not everyone gets to follow their dream and accomplish it as Norka Luque has been able to. She started out in a different direction, but with her heart in music and singing, she soon found her destiny was much more than she had ever imagined.

While she has had plenty of hiccups and problems along the way, this hasn’t stopped her from following what she knows to be something she was born to do. She worked hard throughout her life to become good at her multiple talents, but it wasn’t until she participated in a band that she realized that performing and singing was what she truly wanted. She got lucky with the help of big name producers, but also had to prove she had what it took, no matter what.

Norka Luque went through some difficulties that led her to gain some weight, but after some healthy eating and exercise she has achieved a healthy body weight and looks better than ever. As a singer and someone in the spotlight, she could have let her problem stop her, but she went on to prove that her voice and her talent were truly what would “steal the show” as she worked on getting healthy once again.

Now she is making people stand up and take notice as her recent music and song “Milagro” hits the charts and has people dancing. Apart from the fabulous beats that she has in her music, she also like to share music with meaningful lyrics that will hopefully help other people who may face difficult times.

She recently appeared at the big music event “Billboard Bash” where people reacted well to her and she kept the attention and admiration of the crowds. Although she hasn’t been around for too long, she is becoming more and more recognized in the United States and soon to be internationally as her song and album gain more recognition. From her powerful voice to her smart lyrics, she has all the makings of a star.

Norka Luque worked hard at what she wanted. She took singing classes even though she had a natural-born talent because she wanted to perfect her gift and be someone that could share music with others. Her hard work is paying off as she continues to become the star she was born to be, showing us that dreams are often achieved through determination. Find Norka on Facebook to learn more.

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