Lime Crime Cosmetics Premieres Unicorn Hair Dye And More Diamond Crushers

Doe Deere once said that makeup, hair and fashion all blend together in creating the ultimate look. That’s exactly what her super popular Lime Crime cosmetics brand is all about. Their wildly delicious color palettes have now branched out into the hair color world.


It’s called Unicorn Hair Dye, and you’ve got to see it to believe it. The company’s been laboring for a few years now on how to achieve the perfect formula that is “semi-permanent, vegan hair dye” which fades naturally over time.


Doe Deere adores playing with vivid hair color herself, and she has made sure that Lime Crime’s hair color palettes do not disappoint. Jewel tone shades like Candy Blue, Electric Violet-Purple, Bottle Glass Green, Muted Pink Red and others shine brilliantly in special extra-pigmented gel formulas.


Unicorn Hair Dye is available in both Full Coverage and Tint, depending on how crazy wild you wish to go. The good news is in the blend because these formulas are safe, fun and won’t damage your locks. There is zero ammonia or peroxide, and the formulas are nourishing to all hair types.


For $16 a bottle, this is a good deal, and the product launches soon.


Lime Crime isn’t done yet, lovely unicorns. The brand is also busy adding sexy new top coats to their big seller line of Diamond Crushers. Yes, your lips will look like they’re lit with dazzling crushed diamonds in this modern lip gloss technology.


Three more luscious and naughty shades have just been introduced to the world. Lime Crime is debuting Cleopatra (rose gold tone shade), Acid Fairy (holographic shade) and Black Unicorn, (shimmering shade with oil-slick hue). Check out these lovely newcomers to the Diamond Crushers collection.


Diamond Crushers are unique in that the long lasting color is never drying and won’t smudge or transfer. Best of all is its top coat consistency in a water-based design that can be worn over a lipstick or on its own.


Doe Deere is keeping Lime Crime makeup and hair ahead of the competition. This is what women demand.



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