Learning About The Athleisure Trend

InStyle wanted everyone to know what athleisure is about, and they decided that they needed to tackle the topic. Athleisure started with Fabletics because the line was not meant to be too serious. Kate Hudson started Fabletics to help women get to the gym and look good, but she started a revolution in athleisure that has taken off.

Athleisure is a really interesting topic because it is supposed to look at the gym, on the way to the gym and on the way out of the gym. These are clothes that women use in a modular fashion with the tops, tights and skirts all being interchangeable with different outfits. Fabletics on facebook sells all the different pieces, and women can pile up their closet with athleisure so that they can throw clothes on without thinking.

Fabletics also makes all their athleisure in really basic colors so that women can dress up easily. A woman that is sweating her butt off in the gym will have tights and a sports bra on, but she can throw a skirt or top over that to make a new outfit. She can do this in a couple seconds, and it still matches her workout clothes. Athleisure is usually made out of jersey and other stretchy fabrics to make them comfortable, and it also helps because women can roll them up to take them anywhere.

The athleisure movement has taken over the Fabletics brand because they are not the flagship for these kinds of clothes. Kate Hudson has been pictured wearing these clothes a lot of different times, and women are following her style trend by looking easy and breezy when they are working out.

InStyle explains that this is a really free style that does not force women to wear certain things at certain times. Women can pair any pieces they want, and they will make new athleisure looks that are perfect.

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