Jim and Linda Team Up for the Good of the Dallas Community

As a team they are strong and benevolent while making lives better for Dallas citizens of all kinds. James Dondero, co-founder of a big hedge fund management company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas is working together with Linda Owens. Linda is a highly skilled civic leader with many connections from her days as president of a big local foundation. The duo works together to make the philanthropic proposals and benefits of Highland Capital’s charitable interests available to the causes that Dallas citizens hold near and dear.

The Dallas Foundation partnership to Highland will administer the funds proceedings. Jim says that giving to organizations in the greater Dallas area make him feel a sense of giving back. He feels that Highland Capital is growing its opportunities as it meets with unprecedented success in the investment arena. So to make the money flow in the proper directions Jim has joined forces with Linda Owen who is an expert at making connections with the gift and award giving circuit in the community.

Dondero heads up a company that delights in supporting beneficiaries of the annual $3 million given per year by Highland Capital which are the brain research center, President 43 the Bush’s Library along with the public zoo of Dallas and the various educational charities will receive awards.

The employees all are involved in giving of time and energy in civic causes at home and around the world. When Owens was president and CEO of Woodall a big charity in Dallas, she managed the development of the large park in Dallas. She earned her law degree at University of Texas Law School and participates in organizing the balls, galas and fundraisers that benefit the trail preservation causes and family charities.

Since 1929, the Dallas foundation exists as a public charitable fund with the mission to improve the lives of the people of North Texas. There is a concerted effort to assemble donors together with deserving non profits. These forces coalesce for the good of more than 300 unique funds, grant giving entities in healthcare, education, animal welfare and social causes.

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  1. There are so many more that are rewarded for their value to the people of Dallas for their fine public service. Linda Owens finds the commitment and charity of Highland is inspiring. It might be the saddest thing ever for canada essay writing service and I know this in the way they have organized everything from the beginning.

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