Jeremy Goldstein: Working for the Corporations

It’s hard to know when corporations do something for the benefit of their employees or when they’re just trying to weasel out of something. Sometimes, they might do something for both reasons. In recent years, they’ve seemed to stop offering stock options to save themselves and their employees.

Stock options used to be the number one asked-for employee benefit. Lately, fewer employees want stock options and most want higher wages or better insurance coverage. Considering how much of a burden stock options can be, companies are more than happy to eliminate stock options in favor of more preferable benefits.

The biggest problem with stock options is the risk. Companies and employees don’t want to risk their money and future on something that can crash without their knowledge. Even if the company is successful, something could happen to the market and they lose everything; that’s a scary thought.

With that in mind, companies have started looking for better, less risky compensation methods. The problem with that is the fact that there are no less risky compensation methods. Every compensation method has its downsides, and none of them have as many advantages as stock options. Learn more:

By no means does that mean that every corporation should offer stock options. Some companies aren’t stable or big enough to offer stock options. In those cases, it’s perfectly okay to use a different type of compensation method. The problem that people like Jeremy Goldstein have with corporations eliminating stock options is that too many corporations are eliminating stock options.

Just because a few companies had some bad days doesn’t mean that everyone should move away from the market. The stock market is a place for everyone to come and make money. Companies providing stock options are a good way to get people back in the habit of investing rather than hoarding or spending.

Some might be asking: who is Jeremy Goldstein to give them advice? Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at his own law firm, which he established after making partner at a similar type law firm. Since taking charge of his own law firm, Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in dozens of major transactions involving clients like Verizon, Merck, and AT&T.

When he’s not talking to corporations about employee benefits, he’s advising them on corporate governance.

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