JD.com Set to Launch a New e-commerce Platform to Reach its Customers in a Better Way

JD.com, one of the leading Thai companies, is launching, JD CENTRAL, in Southeast Asia in collaboration with Central Group. The launching of the new e–commerce platform takes place on 28 September and will be an extension of JingDong’s investment in South Asia. The company’s services are available in Tiki, the top e-commerce B2C business in Vietnam and Indonesia. On June 18, JD.com tested JD CENTRAL, a platform offering marketplace models and direct sales services, during its anniversary. The process triggered an increase in sales in a significant way. The site covers every category of products to give the customers freedom of choice. The products available on the website include processed foods, toiletries, beverages, and cosmetics to name but a few FMCG, fast-moving consumer goods.

Others include music, fashion, books, home appliances, and other digital and electronic products. Already, online buyers have visited the Jingdong’s platform through their smartphones. The top selling products consist of fashion, mobile devices, and other fast moving consumer goods. Lenovo, Huawei, OnePlus, and Xiaomi are the most popular companies. Through its expertise in delivery speed, logistics and innovative technology, JD.com, introduces the world’s advanced retail platform to Thai customers. JD CENTRAL will provide same-day delivery services in collaboration with the Thai delivery providers. Additionally, the Warehouse Management System will boost JD CENTRAL to spread its facilities nationwide. Jingdong is the largest e-commerce company in China and a member of Fortune Global 500.

The Company works hard to provide its customers with the best online experience through its customer-friendly website. The company has mobile applications to give the buyers easy accessibility. Additionally, the products are purchased, paid either online or in-person and finally delivered to the customer reliably and speedily. Jingdong’s customer care package consists of last mile delivery network, direct online sales, and last mile delivery. The company’s employees perform all these duties to provide the best customer care services contrary to other companies that hire third-party contractors. To serve its customers in a better way, JD.com is collaborating with like-minded parties like VipShop, a Chinese online retailer that has started operations in the Jingdong’s platform.

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