Guilherme Paulus Conquering Land And Air At An Unmatched Speed

A jack of all trades often taunted for being a master of none, but Guilherme Paulus is the master of all the trades he puts his mind in conquering. He is a man so resourceful that his name is almost the brand of Brazilian tourism industry. He is successful at all businesses he ventures in, and they are a number.

Guilherme Paulus is the founder of CVC Brazil, a company that represents his first love. Along the path to success, he picked up small pebbles like tourism stores, Webjet and GJP Hotels and Resorts and transformed them into the market cornerstones they are today.


The businessman looked at tourism and saw it was good but required the sauce to catapult its taste and created tourism stores that sell adventures their potion. Then he saw the service industry, waved his magic wand, and 14 hotels were born out of very little. A star that shines dimly does not deserve its space in the sky, and Guilherme once again proved himself and transformed Webjet from a one plane business to an airline worth flying high with the rest of the Eagles in the industry.

Inside Brazil

All travelers in the past needed a map and a compass. In modern-day Brazil, these are useless. Brazil has a secret it is unafraid to share with the world. That secret is Guilherme Paulus, and he is the man one needs while navigating Brazil blindly. The many employees that believe in his vision will open visitor’s eyes to a Brazil of travel opportunities. They take travelers from the sandy beaches of Copacabana to the mountain of Christ the Redeemer effortlessly. In Guilherme’s Brazil, visit only when you have all the time in the world for a lifetime treat.

More on Guilherme Paulus

Success did not make an egoistic man out of him but a mature man young at heart. The youth and especially adolescents hold a special place in the heart of Guilherme Paulus. If he is not feeding hungry adolescents, he is counseling them, and once they are ready for the world, he offers them mentorship. His work with children and the youth is as phenomenal as his shining career and Brazil may be the only country that has its tourism sector covered for life thanks to the young entrepreneurs in Paulus’ care.


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