Give Your Lips Some Love With EOS Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth or EOS lip balm as it’s better known as is a company that offers you the best in terms of lip balms. Packaged in cute little spheres or sticks EOS offers lip balm like no other. There is something for everyone with its variety of fun, sweet flavors and even offer a little shimmer if so desired. The darling little spheres come in a variety of colors and usually identify with its flavor such as blue for Blueberry Acai and purple for Passion Fruit, etc. The colors are eye-catching and the flavors are yummy.
Not only do they come packaged in cute and vibrant shapes and colors, but you also have a product that is safe and dermatologist tested. You can feel confident knowing you have a product that is safe for you as it is hypoallergenic and contains natural ingredients such as vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil. These ingredients are antioxidant rich and provide hydration to your lips leaving your lips smooth and supple as well as beautiful. EOS packages their products where you can buy one individual lip balm or choose from a multi-pack of flavors so you can swap out flavors from time to time or give to friends as gifts. EOS products are available on Walmart.

Your lips will love you when you use EOS by the wonderful flavor and the soft feel of your lips and you can know you are using a safe product at the same time. For more info, visit Check out their Facebook page:

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