Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler Talks Investing

Making it big in the world of investing can be hard when you feel like the cards are all stacked against you. Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler knows first hand how it feels to invest everything and then lose money in the process. That is why he has pushed for years now to help the ’99 percenters’ invest their money wisely so that they too can enjoy what the top one percent enjoys so much of. Reifler partnered with Reuters to release a list of tips that will set investors on the right track.

Success in investing comes down to having a long term plan and clear cut goals, according to Brad Reifler. Investing without a clear plan of attack leads to little else than both parties being dissatisfied with what they are attempting to do. According to Reifler, trust between an investment manager and the investor is paramount.

Looking past the relationship aspect of investing, new investors need to always be careful in their approach to investing money. Reifler advocates making a list of risks and expenses while taking inventory of your own assets before jumping into any sort of decision.

The reason for Reifler’s advocacy of small time investors comes down to his own experience as one of them. Before Reifler founded Forefront Income Trust, his firm focused on ’99 percenters’, Reifler had been tasked with investing his father-in-law’s life savings. Despite it being everything his father-in-law had earned, it wasn’t enough to be considered accredited and thus he missed out on otherwise great ventures to invest his cash.¬† Check out Brad’s Twitter for another perspective on investments.

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