End Citizens United Stands Against Illegal Spending

End Citizens United got its start in early March of 2015. The political action group was started to fight large political groups who used funds to pay for who they wanted elected into office.

Grassroot donations help fund End Citizens United. Millions of dollars from small donations have gone to the group in support of their efforts.

The political action committee has filed with the Federal Election Commission. This recent filing is a complaint that alleges that Rick Scott is using illegal means to gain support for his Senate election. The committee believes the candidate is using a super PAC to help support his campaign to get around federal rules on contributed funds to political campaigns.

So far, Rick Scott has raised around 78 million dollars for his campaign. It is in the interest of the super PAC’s to raise enormous amounts of money like this and spend it very quickly. However, law states that the super PAC cannot work directly with the candidate’s campaign the money is suppose to going to. The political action committee believes Rick Scott has violated the anti-coordination law. They believe the candidate is working with this super PAC and having them illegally fund his campaign to promise that he will be elected to the Senate.

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End Citizens United believes Rick Scott’s interest are in winning this election and not for abiding by the law. He has gotten away with this by funneling money into his campaign that was meant for the President. The super PAC exists to solely aid him in his efforts to get around obeying the law.

The Washington, D.C. based political action committee is very sure that Rick Scott played a major role in organizing this super PAC. The super PAC’s website had him listed as a chairman up until January. The candidate does have a history of supporting campaign finance reform. That is why End Citizens United works so strongly and passionately to combat him run for the senate.

As a political action committee End Citizens United has made it their mission to fight the illegal ways candidates find ways to fund their campaigns and in some cases to try to buy their election wins. The actions of the political action committee has helped expose the wrongdoings that go on behind close doors. Their work has helped end the actions of illegal spending and election buying in the Untied States.

Check more about End Citizens United: https://www.youtube.com/c/EndCitizensUnitedOrg

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