End Citizens United Aims to Overrun Big Money Politics in America

There has been the notion that American elections are influenced by billionaires who spend untraceable big and unlimited, money in the elections. And there is no transparency and accountability. Many people have heard about big corporations and billionaires like the Koch Brothers that try to use the money to gain political power.


End Citizens United was established in 2015 and is the Political Committee of Action sponsored by grassroots donors aimed to counter catastrophic results of big money politics (Citizens United). The primary goal of End Citizens United is to show candidates, press, elected officials and voters what billionaires are doing by interfering with elections.


The objective is to establish a broad working coalition to pressure for legal action and reforms in campaign finance. This new committee of political action aims to design for multi-billion dollar funding that is to be channeled towards competitive running Democratic Senate and House candidates.


End Citizens United has so far raised multi-million dollars from various donors. The group has a professional panel of veteran Democratic operatives that help create mass awareness about money politics and how to end the vice. The committee is composed of board top leaders committed to assisting election of Democratic champions that can help restore political power in America.


Richard Carbo, the End Citizens United’s communications director, said that the association is on track to raise additional millions that will be allocated for the running candidates. End Citizens United has an ultimate of passing amendments to the Constitution to reverse a ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010 that led to the rise of dark money politics and super PACs. Thousands of citizens have already given consent for Congress legislation to stop money politics.


The number of supporters even rose after the association joined with Ready for Hillary Organization that had many liberal potential supporters. Last year, End Citizens United endorsed many Democratic candidates like Sen. Michael Bennet and Russ Feingold. The Association also set up independent expenditure organization to support the running candidates through initiatives like polling, direct mailers, and television ads.


Practically the group aims to combat big money politics and the most manipulated political system by enacting measures that also secure ballots and polling. The team will achieve this by selecting pro-reform aspirant, creating money politics awareness at the national level and utilizing membership grassroots to reveal money politics and political power.


The group supports Democrats due to their constant fight to stop Citizens United. End Citizens United believes that with the present leadership, meaningful change can be achieved. The group does not, however, show any political favoritism, rather, it backs dedicated candidates who are ready to take action in reforming the broken American finance campaign structure.

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