Eliminating Hunger In Children Is The Goal Of The Lovaganza Foundation

World hunger is one of the diseases that is born from a lack of compassion not a lack of money or other resources. There is enough food on this planet to feed every person, but more than three million children die every year from malnutrition. There have been countless organizations established to feed the hungry, but politics and money get in the way instead of helping the situation. People around the globe are donating their time and money to feed children and to provide quality of life but for some reason, hunger hangs around and claims the life of 8,000 children every day.

But there is hope that children around the world will be fed and achieve the quality of life they deserve. That hope is called the Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Foundation is approaching childhood hunger head-on. The co-founders of the Lovaganza Foundation, J.F. Gagnon, and Genevieve Gagnon have made it their mission to eliminate hunger in children by 2035.
That is a noble mission, but it is a mission that has failed in the past. But the Gagnon’s approach is not a single-minded one. The Gagnon’s are bringing non-profit organizations together and lighting a torch of unity among those organizations, and that has never been done before. The Gagnon’s are in the entertainment business, so they know how to motivate people. The couple has been working on the details that will help accomplish their mission since 2010.

J.F. Gagnon is a director, producer, singer, composer and Genevieve is an actress, so they know that films achieve more than words. Genevieve is the director and producer of a series of documentaries called the Lovaganza Convoy. The Lovaganza Convoy trilogy will be released in 2018. The goal of that film series is to help finance the Lovaganza Foundation and to attract non-profit organizations that want to help.

The Lovaganza has a well thought out plan that will eliminate hunger around the world. It is a 25-year plan, and this is the sixth year in that plan. There are six main goals that the Lovaganza Foundation wants to achieve. The goals are simple, and they can be accomplished if the Foundation achieves the support of other major organizations. The Gagnon’s believe at least ten global organizations will join them by 2018, and by 2020 several nations will be part of the effort. And in 2025, all nations will join the Lovaganza. When that happens, childhood hunger will be a thing of the past by 2035.

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