CP&B Global CEO, Lori Senecal, set to Leave her Role in the Advertising Company

After two years of serving as the President of CP&B Global, Lori Senecal has announced her due departure from the MDC Associates shop at the end of this year. The agency has since declared its objective of reinstituting a new top leadership team.

Her assumption of the Chief Executive role in 2015 marked the first since the inception of CP&B, yet Senecal and the agency’s Chairman, Chuck Porter, came up with an exit plan the moment she joined the advertising agency.

In a statement, Mr. Porter remarked,” Since there is a favorable structure in place, Lori and I are nurturing the next collection of leaders. We are approaching the matter with patience, so we think over the issue critically and make rational decisions regarding CP&B leadership, and we are readying ourselves for a seamless transition following Lori’s retirement.”

Under her leadership, Lori expanded CP&B Global on a worldwide scope, most remarkably when she won American Airlines. Further, she came up with a global management structure and communication channels that raised the company’s objectivity. Check out Adweek to know more.

Her departure is but one of the many high-profile exits from the enterprise. Recently, Richard Pinder, The Chief of CP&B UK announced his intention to depart from the firm after spending three years at the pinnacle of the UK subsidiary. The news comes amid reports that claim the company’s chief creative officer, Dave Bounaguidi, will follow suit.

About Lori Senecal

As the Global President of CP+B, her job description entailed overseeing and managing the global growth of the agency and ensuring effective coordination of the nine international branches. From the moment she assumed the position, Lori Senecal has brought impeccably notable changes in working culture and business operations.

According to Fast Company, before joining CP&B, Lori was the CEO of MDC Partner Network, where she had the tacit obligation of spearheading the strategic goals and enhancing collaboration between the company and its partners. Since 2009, she had served in multiple executive positions in CP&B kbs & partners including CEO and Global Executive Chair.

She attended the McGill University, where Lori obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Finance.

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