Come And Experience The Wireless Services That FreedomPop Has

FreedomPop certainly has made a lot of changes since they created their company back in 2011. When they started, FreedomPop had a lot of free cell phone service to go around, and this became and still is a very popular service. Things got even better when FreedomPop chose to introduce an unlimited cell phone service, and the service only cost as little as $19.99 per month. Even though the low cost of the unlimited service is unprecedented, FreedomPop has done even more because they’ve made it possible for anyone with any kind of phone to use their services.

Anyone using the Sprint phone will only need to get it transferred over to FreedomPop to allow the service to be activated, and they can use the same phone for the life of their service plan with FreedomPop. Those that have a GSM phone can also bring it over to FreedomPop for service but must ensure that it’s already unlocked from the network that it was originally locked to.

Most phones are sold with the network brand name posted somewhere on the phone, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Cricket. Those that have any phone that is not purchased directly from FreedomPop will need to have their phone network unlocked if it will ever work with FreedomPop services. If a sim card from FreedomPop is put into a phone that is not unlocked, the phone won’t be able to get FreedomPop service. Unlocking a phone starts by contacting the original service provider for the phone to request an unlock code. Some phones no longer have unlock codes but unlock applications that must be activated.

Those that get their phone unlocked can start using FreedomPop services by purchasing the FreedomPop sim card for $4.99 or any price that they find it for online. Typically, the sim card can go for as low as $1.99 or even $0.99. The sim card is three and one, and this means that the sim card is usable for absolutely any phone that is on the market. Once the Sim card has been activated for service, insert it into the GSM phone to begin using the service. As long as a plan is selected for the sim card, service can begin immediately.

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