Clay Siegal: The Backbone of Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics has been manipulating, studying, and packaging drugs since it was established in the year 1998. They have been dedicated to study human antibodies and make responsive discoveries and innovations. Seattle Genetics has over 900 employees and a market value of around $10 billion and it takes pride in being the biggest biotechnology firm in the entire Washington. The company has seen its growth steadily from being a small biotechnological company to a big pharma. Most of the investments made are in the line of marketing and research which has contributed to the addition of more employees as anticipated. One of the recent company’s flagship medicine is Adcetrics which treats Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer lymph that can easily spread to other organs. The drug’s sale is expected to kick off very soon and that will affect the sales and income to the company. Many tests are being conducted. The chairman, who is also the chief executive officer and president at Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegal, declared that the company is going to emerge global, oncology, and multiproduct company within the next few years. To back up this claim, Clay Siegal says that the company has a long list of drugs that are underway to supply to large companies and other biotechnology firms. His interests and desires is to move the company from where it is to a different level where they will be focusing on drug development and handling complex situations in the international marketing for newer drugs. Clay Siegal has opened offices in Switzerland, which is meant to give the company a chance and opportunity to do international marketing.

Clay Siegal co-founded Seattle Genetics and is the current president, chairman, and the chief executive officer at the same company. Through his dedication and service to the company, Seattle Genetics has increased in diversity for antibody-based cancer therapies and many more innovations especially in line with drug development. He went to school at the University of Maryland where he received his degree in Bachelor of Science in Zoology and later a PhD from George Washington University in genetics. Clay has authored more than 70 publications and had 15 patents.

Before co-founding the Seattle Genetics firm, Clay Siegal was working at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute in 1991 through to 1997. He also worked with National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health at some point in his career. Clay currently serves on major leadership roles in the Board of Directors at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical among others.

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