The Relevance of Setting up a Wikipedia Page for Your Business

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. With millions of online users accessing the Internet every day, online marketing is by far one of the most effective marketing strategies available to companies and individuals. Many marketers implement Wikipedia into their marketing mix because they realize the benefits of having a Wikipedia page. Today, Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites in the world and ranks number six in the U.S.’s most visited websites list. Many people rely on Wikipedia for reliable and productive information; therefore, it is considered by many to be the hallmark of credibility and notability.

Creating and Monitoring Your Wikipedia Content

Your business must be notable and have wide coverage to create your Wikipedia page. Significant coverage does not include brief mentions, simple back-links or quotes. Rather, it must come from a reliable and independent source and be 100 percent dedicated to your business or personality. To prevent your Wikipedia Page from being removed, it is important to understand how to create good content. Therefore, it is advisable to outsource a Wikipedia content creation company such as Get Your Wiki to not only create but also monitor your page. This ensures that your content is relevant and meets all Wikipedia requirements.

Monitoring your business’ Wikipedia page is equally as important as creating your content. Anybody can edit the content on Wikipedia provided that they are well informed on the subject. This means that anybody can edit your Wikipedia page with either positive or malicious material that can hurt your business. Wikipedia editors who work for companies like Get Your Wiki have vast experience in managing the content and back-links used on your page to ensure that it positively matches your marketing strategy. By outsourcing these services, you do not have to check your Wikipedia page on a daily basis to make sure that it is updated and relevant to your business. Additionally, Get your Wiki utilizes other Wikipedia-related sites such as Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons.

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki experts help businesses, individuals, corporations, non-profits, and other entities to set up and monitor their Wikipedia content. Every editor at the company is well-versed with all the rules and regulations required by Wikipedia when creating content on its website. Today, a Wikipedia page is a useful digital asset to your business or brand. It is a popular site for not only advertising your company but also telling your history.

Science Student Reacts to Trolling With Positive Action

Don’t get mad, get even. That’s common advice for dealing with trolls, stalkers and other enemies, and it’s even more significant when someone gets “even” not by revenge, but by advancing their positive cause. That’s how Emily Temple-Wood, a biology student at Loyola University, responds to the abuse she receives online. Whenever someone sends her a message of hate, she puts up a Wikipedia page for a previously neglected female scientist. She’s been a Wikipedia editor since the age of 12, and even then often received messages of hate, sexism and sexual harassment. Sadly, most of them came from the Wikipedia community. She started out just ignoring the hateful trolls, but in 2012 decided to react. She doesn’t directly argue with them, she just adds another woman scientist to Wikipedia. She keeps her energy positive. Her idea, now known as WikiProject Women Scientists.

She came up with the idea because she realized many women scientists who were fellows of the Royal Society had no Wikipedia pages. In 18 months she and others working on the project put up pages on a thousand women scientists. Temple-Wood is from Chicago, and is the Vice-President of Wikimedia DC. She became a Wikipedia admin at the age of 13. She also ran a series of workshops regarding editor retention, and from the workshops produced a kit so other editors can follow her example to bolster the presence of women in areas they are passionate about.  About 90 percent of Wiki editors are now male. 

This example demonstrates both how valuable Wikipedia is, and yet how people in general cannot count on the current editors to set priorities and create the pages for everybody who deserves to have a Wikipedia page, and that’s true whether it’s women scientists or you and your business. Everybody doing something significant in the world deserves to make a Wikipedia page, and that does include you and your business. And having a Wikipedia page would help your business. When people search for you or your business on Google to check out your online reputation, finding Wikipedia impresses them. However, you need to hire Wikipedia editors and/or writers to make certain your entry is accepted. It cannot contain hype. It must remain verfiably factual. You need the Wiki experts for hire from Get Your Wiki – a Wikipedia editing serviceto make certain your Wikipedia business page creation follows all official policies.