Get Into The Wine Business From Home With Traveling Vineyard

If you are hankering to get into a business that you can operate from home you might want to take a hard look at the Traveling Vineyard. Essentially you book wine-tasting home parties with friends, neighbors, and relatives and sell them the wine from the Traveling Vineyard, an Ipswich, Massachusetts company that is on the grow.

Traveling Vineyard has 21 different flavors of wine and you become what they call a Wine Guide. Your role is to bring the product, up to 5 bottles of wine for the people to taste along with a full gaggle of information about the wines, sommology, which is all about how to pair wine with various foods, and general information of interest to all about the wine industry and history.

For just $175 you can be in business under the tutelage of another Wine Guide who is there for questions and problems that come up, as is the case with any new venture that you have never done before. For your investment you receive what is called a Success Kit which has everything that you will need to launch your new business. It has wine glasses, decanters, openers, brochures, carrying bags, marketing materials, order forms and much more.

The training is excellent in that it covers everything from A to Z as far as what you will need to do in detail to succeed with the Traveling Vineyard. There are extensive videos on the company website that walks you through the process step-by-step.

The average sales at a wine-tasting party are $417 of which the Wine Guide gets a commission of 15 to 35 percent, depending upon the overall sales volume over a period of time. Other streams of income come from online sales from the personal website of the Wine Guide, which only runs $15.95 per month. The Wine Club also pays commissions where members get a discount, and a Wine Guide can build their own organization of other Wine Guides where an override is paid.

The fee for getting started is quite small and the Traveling Vineyard truly a business where a person can succeed through sheer effort. Just about everyone loves a glass of wine now and then, so the concept is pretty much a no-brainer. But, like any other business you will have to work at it in order to be consistent. The company is growing as more and more people are getting involved. The website for Traveling Vineyard is loaded with information, and if interested you can inquire and you will be matched up with a current Wine Guide where you can ask questions and decide if it is something that you would be interested in trying.

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Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge

If you have never been to Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge, then there is still one place in the United States you need to visit. You can’t get any other place that look exactly like it in the whole country. The frontier state of Alaska is blessed for housing this gift of nature. It is situated right in the heart of Kachemak Bay Park, a 10 miles trip from Homer. It is time you have a feel of what life in a wilderness is all about. You are sure to beg for more after spending some time in Sadie Cove.


Randi and Keith Iverson has done well to give the world such a fantastic place. As owners, they understand what a wilderness should look like. It is not a place where you run into multitude of people, so the number of visitors per time is relatively small. That is one reason for the few private guest cabins, precisely five in number. Wind and hydro power electrifies the whole wilderness, and movement is strictly by helicopter, float plane or boat all in a bid to give visitors the best of fun-catching time.


Records show that many visitors often make a return trip to Sadie Cove within a year of their previous visits. It is no surprise, activities like fishing for salmon, beach combing, hiking trails, kayaking, and clam-digging are simply unforgettable. For visitors that come with binoculars, catching irresistible views of orcas, whales, sea lions, seals, sea otters, bald eagles, mountain goats, moose and bears all in the park makes a return trip always on the table.


About Wild Ark


Wild Ark is one of the few active groups using all mediums and doing all that is humanly possible to protect our planet, with emphasis on wild animals and plants. Many of these wild creatures are in danger of extinction. If necessary precautions are not taken, future generations will be deprived of the benefits these creatures offer.


Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, founders of Wild Ark, have proven to be passionate conservationists with this amazing project. They have been able to build a formidable team of men and women with the passion to help save our planet and give wild creatures the opportunity to live.


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