Michael Zomber- History Buff, Samurai Expert and Novelist

Michael Zomber, avid collector of antique arms and armor has been doing this for more than 40 years. He was invited to share what he knows with the History Channel in a series called, “Tales of the Gun.” Subseries included “Guns of the Famous” as well as “Million Dollar Guns.”

He also spends a good amount of time collecting other items such as Japanese samurai swords. He is known to those who know him as being a storyteller and has even written a few books. He has credits for being a screenwriter as well as being a novelist. One of his works of art was “Shogun Iemitsu.” He recently worked on a non-fiction piece of work known as “Jesus and the Samurai.” All of these items are actually available to be purchased in a hard copy form.

His wife was produced a piece of his work, “Soul of the Samurai” by their own proprietary company, Renascent Films LLC. If you are someone who want’s to learn more about Japanese Samurai, his book titled, “Shogun Iemitsu War” tells not only a tale about the young Samurai but also gives pages of terms in reference to the Japanese swords. This is a good book for someone to read who is just starting out at learning what the swords are about and how history tells of their tales. The two work hard to use their production company to spread awareness of Michael’s knowledge.

Michael Zomber works hard to ensure that he keeps his hand involved in non-profit organizations such as UNICEF, Doctors without Borders as well as the Global Exchange. He has focused much of his time on acknowledging what comes with armed conflict and therefore spends his time advocating for those who are in areas of intense war type scenerios.

Michael Zomber and his wife have 2 children, Christopher and Gabriella. They live just outside of Philadelphia in a small suburb. He was born in Washington D.C. and went to school to earn his bachelor’s degree in English Lit as well as graduating with honors. He also earned his master’s degree in English Lit from UCLA.