Yeonmi Park and her escape


Yeonmi Park escaped repressive North Korea and she has become an advocate for human rights, speaking around the world about her life in the hermit kingdom and about her escape. Yeonmi Park has published a book on Amazon called “In Order To Live,” In which she also tells her story in detail.

At the age of 13, in 2007, Park and her mother escaped North Korea by crossing a frozen over river and getting into China. They managed to find someone to sneak them across without guards seeing them. They walked across the Gobi Desert and to Mongolia. It took a couple of years for her to reach South Korea, and then onward to the West.

Her story on The Reason Tv has been told dozens of times, and it is moving to hear the young beautiful Korean tell her story. Of course North Korea objects to her story and has released a Youtube video aimed at discrediting her and her parents. Some have questioned the details of her story, but she says part of that is language difficulties, and she changed some details to protect friends and family still in North Korea.

While in China her mother prevented Yeonmi from being raped by offering herself instead. Yeonmi Park said on a Daily Mail interview later she was raped and she and her mother were sold into human trafficking. The man who bought her told her he would bring her mother back to her, and help get her father to China, so she agreed. Her father did join them in China, but died soon after due to cancer.

What is most interesting perhaps in the young attractive Korean’s stories about life in North Korea. They are taught to hate the West, especially Americans.