Kevin Seawright is helping small businesses improve the economy of Newark

Chief Financial Officer Kevin Seawright has experience in budgeting, managing finances, studying data trends, negotiating contracts and hiring employees. He is a guy who deeply cares about the economy and educational resources surrounding the community he grew up in. Mr. Seawright volunteers his time by coaching basketball at Suffolk Virginia Recreation center.

Seawright has been working on projects that will benefit the enter state of Virginia. The goal that he set for himself is to guide the many small businesses success and help the economy achieve greatness. Seawright is not just focusing on the downtown area but also surrounding areas. Newark Community EDC looks for partners that are operating in the clothing and jewelry industries. Seawright and his team give out plenty of small loans each year.

His company re-branded and changed to Newark CEDC because it will generate more buzz. Newark CEDC is serving as the center of decisions of the surrounding communities.

According to Market Wired, Kevin Seawright holds the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He has been working for the company since early September nearly three years ago. There is a lot of effort and intelligence required to grow out a business and continue to be successful.

Newark CEDC is willing to give plenty of resources to small businesses with a proven game plan. Lexi is their loan specialist and works closely with any business needing more capital.

In a partnership the company and client have to understand all the costs and benefits of financial documents, taxes, and credit reporting. Kevin Seawright and his employees are constantly on the lookout for clients that have a good idea and are trying to reach new markets.

Newark CEDC has been working with several financial firms to provide all the capital that the businesses need. If anyone reaches out with a good plan, they will be assisted.

All of the businesses that are planning on working with Newark CEDC must be operating in the Newark area. The company has not started helping business outside of that area. The biggest asset that the company is working with right now is such talented staff.

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