Kyle Bass Keeps Very Bad Company

The world fell in love with Kyle Bass when he correctly predicted the financial crises of 2008. And for a while there, people viewed him as a wonderful man that could do no harm.

As time went on however, those sentiments started to change as people started to see Bass for who and what he really was.

It all started with Bass taking every opportunity he could to get on TV and share his so called analysis with the world. When in reality, all Bass was doing was sharing advice that would help him continue to pad his pockets.

And if that wasn’t enough, the company Bass was keeping was very unsavory. His relationship with Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had people questioning what this man was really all about. While most people would agree Kirchner is the absolute worst thing to ever happen to the Argentinian economy, Useful Stooges had an article,, that Bass just can’t seem to stop singing her praises.

Over the last thirteen years Argentina has defaulted on its sovereign debt two times. This type of situation is indefensible and it shows Kirchner does not know what she is doing. Even still, Bass stood by her side and defended these actions.

The New York Post said he sounded so out of touch in his defense of her that he sounded more like Axel Kicillof, Argentina’s leftist economy minister, rather than a hedge fund manager from the United States.

To many Bass comes off as nothing more than one of Kirchner’s lackeys. He will do and say anything she wants him to.

Kirchner is known for having irresponsible economic policies and ripping off her own people.

But it gets even worse. When New York Judge Thomas Griesa ruled Argentina must pay back all of its creditors, and not just the ones who agreed to settle, Bass had the nerve to call some of the creditors immoral and blamed them for holding up the progress of 42 million people.

The truth is, the only person holding up progress in Argentina is Kirchner and her inability to come up with sound economic policies.

So the million dollar question is, why would Bass form such a tight bond with a person such as Kirchner? Based on what we know about Bass, its safe to say its all about the money.