Kate Hudson Considers Fabletics As An All Inclusive Brand

Kate Hudson is an actress who won the Golden Globe award. She recently celebrated the third anniversary of Fabletics, which is an e-commerce activewear brand that has been co-founded by her.


She says that this an exciting time for this company. This company has a huge digital audience. She states that Fabletics sees itself as a company that sells workout gear which is accessible to all. It is for fitness fanatics as well as the casual athletes.


It is an all-inclusive brand. They offer apparel in a wide range of sizes. In this way, more and more women could wear the clothes of this brand. There are very few companies that make things for those women who are big in size. Hence she is really excited about it.


Fabletics had started as a retailer that was subscription-based. Now it has expanded into the brick-and-mortar stores too. Each time a potential customer visits the site of Fabletics, she would have to go through a questionnaire where she can talk about her lifestyle as well as fashion preferences. This is recorded in the backend of Fabletics. The same applies when a customer walks into a physical store too. Now the company can actually find the clothes of her preferences. This will save her time as well as give her a personalized experience too. Besides, it feels great to know that the clothes being bought are the ones that have been chosen by a diva such as Kate Hudson. Within just 15 months of being in business, Fabletics has shipped over 1 million orders.


Fabletics has diversified too. In 2015, they offered a men’s line too. Fabletics is a start-up that is focusing on the athleisure trend, which is considered comfortable as well as attractive today. These are increasingly becoming trendy from a fashion perspective now. The sales of activewear in the U.S. have crossed $40 billion now. On the other hand, the sales of non-activewear fashion apparel are stagnant now.


Kate Hudson is one of those celebrities who has jumped onto this kind of activewear bandwagon. Besides, she is someone with whom people can easily identify with as being a person with an active lifestyle. Hence it is easy to imagine Kate in the gym wearing Fabletics brand clothes. Besides, she can be visualized as running around and playing with her kids wearing such clothes. Hence this is a good way to connect with consumers.


Once Fabletics has all the data of the customers, they send them a free gift. Since the quality of the clothes is good, hence people like the product. Then they are asked to take the membership that provides them fabulous discounts on the Fabletics products. Besides, they also get to know about the latest styles that are trending in.


This is a business model in which there is a prospective customer who already has a membership. This has worked very well till now for Fabletics. Hence it has been growing very well since and making huge profits.

Kate Hudson Discusses Fabletics

Kate Hudson started Fabletics 3 years ago and did an interview with Marie Claire discussing building her empire while under a microscope. She mentioned they had experienced great success extremely fast and because of that, they had to catch up. She also said as the company grew it also became more challenging. Kate said that it’s one thing to try to be on top of everything as a regular founder of a company on poshmark.com, but when you’re a celebrity everything you do is under a microscope.

Kate wanted Fabletics to have active wear that was all inclusive. She wanted it to be for everybody and work to their particular way of working out. Whether it was a person that was a hard core trainer or someone that would take an occasional jog, she wanted to accommodate everyone. Due to many requests, they are also planning on extending their sizes.

Kate said one of the most important things about having a successful company is having a fantastic team. She said you’re as strong as the team you have created. The people that help you run the company and support you are key.

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Flabletics is an online subscription athletic wear store that caters to each individual’s lifestyle and fashion preferences. It was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson in July 2013. They actually launched the business on October 1, 2013. It originally started out with only women’s clothing, but in June 2015 they launched FL2 which was their new men’s line. This line was introduced by Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver Hudson. In March of 2016 they added dresses and swimsuits to their products.

In addition to the online store on mysubscriptionaddiction.com, there were regular retail stores in several locations. They started out in malls in several locations. They have locations in New Jersey, Cincinnati, Newark, St. Louis, and Woodland Hills.

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