Logan Stout is Ontop of the Business Game

Logan Stout is known for being a very successful entrepreneur. His main passions happen to include non-other than helping others and a strong love for baseball. The Dallas Patriots happen to be one of the hugest baseball organizations known to exist, on top of also being established by Logan himself. He formed this team so that young individuals could get inspired and to help them to build all of their skill levels. Logan realized that not every single child is lucky enough to receive emotional support that they need at home or at their school, so he made it to where through the team it is available to everyone.

One of Stout’s main goals in life has always been to be able to show people that they can attain anything that they want to as long as they make sure to concentrate their health on it. He says that in order to see the maximum success he likes to focus on his connection between the body, the mind, and his soul. Through his journey he was able to create IDLife, this happens to a healthcare line that happens to be filled with weight management items, energy supplements and also sleep aids. After taking a free assessment clients are then able to receive their ideal products that happen to also offer customized benefits.

Due to being the founder of IDLife Stout has been able to have several celebrities to endorse his products. When it comes down to it no matter how busy Logan Stout may happen to be, he always finds time to give back to his community. Stout and his wife have both been lucky to be recognized for being the honorary chairs of the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County, Texas. The two of them have always been very generous donors to the organization and have always been will to speak on the organization’s behalf.

Stout has been asked several times to be a motivational speaker due to his amazing success as being a business owner, athlete, and philanthropist. This is one role that he is able to proudly take part in since he is such a positive person. Both his enthusiasm and energy remains to be very inspiring to all of those around him.

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Todd Lubar’s Incredible Eye for New Real Estate Trends

Todd Lubar explains how Baltimore is the trending area for real estate opportunities. Most times Baltimore is associated with negative remarks, but at the moment it holds fantastic real estate trends. The city’s old buildings are being transformed into new incredible and classy apartment buildings. An example of such a stunning structure is the one located where the historic Bank of America used to be positioned. The building has unique and the most luxurious apartments in Baltimore. The other advantage of Baltimore is that its standards of living regarding costs are significantly cheaper than other places such as Washington D.C.


The affordable prices and the upcoming developments attract the youth who are just starting their lives. Young experts and former students who have just graduated are becoming the majority buyers of such apartments. The other pleasant news is that the unemployment rate is expected to decrease as the wages increase and this will allow more people to afford the apartments in Baltimore. As more young individuals are moving in Baltimore, the city becomes a new location for investments to take place. Companies are guaranteed to thrive in the busy town of Baltimore once people increase in numbers. Once businesses start to grow the city will also continue to develop.


A place called Harbor East is a destination with the best dining options and fantastic shopping areas. The apartments on the site are also perfect and lavish. The region has the most expensive apartments in the city. More condominiums are expected with the continuous developments. Young people love the area because of the new construction including shops and restaurants. Todd Lubar is well conversant with the different trends in Baltimore. He has been studying the city for many years, and people usually come to seek guidance when it comes to Baltimore.


Todd Lubar has been involved with other sectors such as the financial industry. Todd did his BA at Syracuse University and joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation once he was done with school. Todd has also worked at Legacy Financial group. In both companies, Todd held several positions. Currently, he holds the President post at TDL Global Ventures. Todd also owns the Senior Vice President position at Legendary Investments. You can visit his Facebook page.


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Sweetgreen’s, Nathaniel Ru, and His Partners

Sweetgreen is a high-end, extremely successful salad chain backed by investors, Steve Case, Danny Meyer, and Daniel Boulud. Founders Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet Co-CEO its 40 locations all over the nation. The co-CEOs met while all three were taking an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. together. It was then that they first formed a fruitful partnership that would lead them to become pioneers in using technology for business. Today this digital department is headed by Theresa Dold, Sweetgreen’s head of digital marketing. Learn more: http://www.thehoya.com/nathaniel-ru-jonathan-neman-and-nicolas-jammet/

They found that they shared a common concern that the Georgetown area was greatly lacking in healthy eating options. So they decided to open their own salad-based restaurant. The trio decided on a 560 square-foot tavern in downtown. However, when they told the owner their intentions, they had a hard time winning her to their vision. She eventually relented, however, and another partnership was formed. They then found the investors and an architect. Right after graduating from college, they opened their first restaurant in August 2007.


It was such a booming success that by 2014 they had expanded to 21 locations in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington. Today, more than 30% of company transactions take place either over its website or mobile app. A successful a business strategy they have already clearly had, the three founders are trying to figure out ways to make it even better. The three began and continue to run their company without a main headquarters in their quest to keep their company decentralized. Keeping it decentralized will help the stores mentally. They will be better able to stay focused on pleasing their community rather than feeling they have to please headquarters. Ru says that he wishes he could go back in time and tell his younger self to read more books. Learn more: http://www.forbes.com/pictures/ekeg45fe/nicolas-jammet-nathaniel-ru-jonathan-neman-co-founders-sweetgreen-262627/


However, he has few regrets concerning his business life. He says that they made an extremely good decision early on in building a team so that they didn’t have to do everything. But he does look to other CEOs for examples of how to conduct his leadership style. He particularly admires Kevin Plank, CEO of Armour. Sweetgreens is proud to have all of its ingredients extremely fresh, purchased from local farmers and purveyors. In addition to its many salad ingredients, Sweetgreens has a long list of fresh juices and has an annual music festival.