Brian Torchin Is A Driving Force For Change In The Medical Industry

Brian Torchin seems an unstoppable force in the medical field, as a well-respected professional and also a highly successful entrepreneur with his Chiropractic practice as well as his company, HCHR Staffing.

He began his medical career with earning a bachelors degree from The University of Delaware in Exercise Science, which involves the study of movement and fitness. He then studied the Chiropractic field at The New York Chiropractic College, in 1995. Not long after graduation, he opened his practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Read more at about Brian Torchin

In 2007, Brian Torchin embarked on his entrepreneurial career when he started HCRC Staffing Health Care Recruitment Counselors. HCRC Staffing is a nation-wide recruiting company that matches medical professionals to job opportunities in the healthcare industry. HCHR Staffing has experienced tremendous success, in the U.S. and other countries as well, and is quickly expanding world-wide.

Prior to starting HCHR Staffing, he was the Director of Medical Marketing at Practice Management for seven years and played a vital role, in developing their marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns.

He is also very active on social media including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and he uses these powerful sites as an avenue to connect with medical professionals world-wide as well as promoting current employment opportunities through HCRC Staffing. He actively blogs about current issues that the medical industry is facing. He talks often about important topics such as patient care and the health and well-being of medical professionals, themselves. He also provides insightful information while offering viable solutions and his social media sites have become a tremendously valuable resource that many healthcare professionals have come to rely on, all around the world.

Brian Torchin is clearly an important asset to the medical field with his extensive knowledge, professionalism and a passion for focusing on his patients, his practice and his business as well as the medical industry as a whole.


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